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Lowes Hardware Heroes invade Backstretch ClubHouse

WTBOA Sales PavilionMany will remember November 6 as “Election Day,” but the kids and staff at the Backstretch Clubhouse will remember it as the day the Auburn Lowes Heroes invaded their childcare center. The volunteer group made up of employees from the hardware chain began about ten years ago. Working together, “transforming lives one community at a time” is the mission of the program which embraces teamwork as its core value and encourages employees to team together and adopt a project with a local nonprofit.

The kids were eagerly watching as an equipment filled truck and 11 volunteers in the iconic Lowes red vests attacked the planting beds, patio and more importantly the playground. As the large dump truck arrived with donated bright and clean wood chips for the playground, even the teachers were filled with excitement.

“Our playground was in dire need of cleaning and renovation and because we are a nonprofit center, is projects like this seem to get pushed to the back burner,” commented Mackenzie Noble, Director. “Our small center would never have been able to do this work on our own, and we are so thankful for the opportunity we were given to be able to work with the Lowes Heroes.

Not only did the wonderful volunteers clean up the playground, pressure wash the building, weed the front entrance, but their generous donations of time were complimented with enthusiasm and loving smiles.

Further, all associated with the Backstretch Clubhouse wish to express their gratitude to the Auburn Lowes Store for their generosity, not only providing volunteers and outside materials but also paint, curtain rods, stools, and other materials contributed for the interior of the building as well.

“After a many weeks of coordinating with the Lowes Heroes group, the Lowes Heroes were able to make our dreams a reality...I can’t thank them enough. What an example, of community service, they provided to our kids today,” added Noble.

WTBOA Sales PavilionWe would love to extend a huge thank you to the Lowes Heroes: Joslyn Indreginald, Cele White, Darrell John, Jan Zerone, Greg Peckham, Kevin Gorder, Ryan Anke, Raluca Melero, Donnette Langdon, Brian Alonzo, and Dave Wilson.


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